We are Artisans.

We work with our HANDS.

Our brainstuff always support us.

Sometimes we may make little mistakes.

Any single work that we produce contains mistakes and Intuition.

We require TIme...we need TIme.


We need Time to think.

We need Time to work.

We need Time to make our work better.

We need Time to finish.

Our lives and works are based on our Idea of Beauty that comes from who we ARE, who we WERE and who we WILL BE .

Inside our creations there is a hidden Idea that borns in our HEART, raises in our MIND and, through our HANDS, becomes something New and Unique, full of its own Energy. This Energy is nourished by our SOUL, which renews itself every time that something unique is created.

We are humans that work with their Mind, their Hands and their Heart.

We are People.

We are La Bottega del Fabbro®.

Casa al Pazzo.

Madness, a recurring theme used in Volterra. Who knows... Perhaps because there is a very thin line between madness and creativity that is innate in these places populated by the Etruscans and the alabaster-artisans. For this property renovation we have made: the pergolas, the benches and some furniture. Design by: Arch. Duccio Pierazzi.

In the wine country.

At Casciano di Murlo, a little town known also for its "festa del vino," surrounded by woods and vineyards, inspired by the wonders of nature, we worked with sheet metal, emphasizing all of its natural beauty. For this property renovation we have made a staircase with four flights of stairs and a hood for the fireplace. Design by: La Bottega del Fabbro®.


Piccolina in Italian means Little. That name represents what this light is not...Little.

Already done.

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